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What Rain Sandra? by Janell Rose
Hello All - been quite a while since I looked at RoseNose - Sandra we don't know what rain you are talking about. Of course we were flooded during May/June but they turned off the spigot in July/Aug. Had a light sprinkle a week ago and the weather man says "maybe" next week. Jr. pulled up his Tomatoes at the end of June. We are gasping again for rain. However, JR and I took Andy for a walk in Las Colinas last Sat. eve and the walkways in The Riverwalk Park are still under water. Oh, it looks terrible with old green sludge growing on the water. The whole area really needs a rain to flush it out. The problem is caused by letting water out of the Lake which is still above the water level. Since the Lake has a dirt dam - they are letting the water out of the lake into the Elm Fork of the Trinity. We are near the Trinity Elm Fork, that beautiful park has had all the lower walk ways under water since June. I wonder what the walk ways are going to look like if the water ever goes down.

Jr and I have not been doing a great deal lately - just trying to stay in out of the heat - the humidity has been so bad this summer after all the rain. I had always felt our area of Texas had dry heat - it has been more like Houston this summer. We have been Baby Sitting "Dogs and Birds." Carolyn and John came by on a Sat. night last of July and went to Denver to see Zachary on Sunday morn. They came back Wednesday since Carolyn could not take more time from her job. Trip was too short, said next time they will fly. Eileen, Paul, Caty, Jaclyn and some of the Girl's friends went to Pagosa Springs, Co. for a week in August - did white water rafting and all the other tourist adventures. They stayed in a Condo with Paul's family at a Reunion. Now - everyone is back in School except Jaclyn and she will start Monday. Caty is in her SR year and after one week of school, her class is going on a SR Retreat this weekend. Eileen said her week has been all meetings - Teachers have to go a week before School Starts - Her Classes actually start on the 27th when Jaclyn starts. Jaclyn will be a JR this year. I can not believe these Girls have grown up so fast. Sure won't envy Paul and Eileen when they have two in College at the same time.
I have the biggest mess on the Dining Table - am in the middle of finishing 2006 Income Taxes. We filed an extension because of spending so much time in Tahlequah (hate this job.) Everytime I have started on the Tax - have had more problems at Tahlequah. Thank goodness I am almost done - will take to the Accountant on Monday. Situation at Tahlequah is very bad - moved in Hospital Bed and all the other Medical Equipment to the Living Room this week and put the Sofa in the Garage. This has been a rather rugged year.

I hope to get back to house painting by Labor Day. Had to just stop everything due to running back and forth to Tahlequah and also tearing out the Dining Room Wall for the water repair. Now - we have had another little episode with water from an Air Conditioner that went bad in our Bedroom Wall. We had to push the Wall Air Cond. out a couple weeks ago (it was built-in) and replace another built-in A/C.
Seems like this is going to be a year of challenge. With everything else, I had a bad fall that took some time to recoup. I found out I do not "bounce." I remember "Dear Mom" and her words of wisdom - "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining." I know it will come.

I had not looked at RoseNose for nearly a month and was surprised to see so much activity. Wonderful to see John's message and his story. I have just printed his story - going to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy. Love to All and wish you Blessings. JR. and Janell


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