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Jokes by Katherine Rose
Dad ALWAYS tells this one- I think it must be a very old joke, and I think it's terrible-but it's funny because HE thinks it's hilarious and he'll laugh for 5 minutes after he tells it, so it always makes me smile.

A new inmate arrives at a prison. After lights out at night, the other prisoners shout out numbers such as "Six" or "Fourteen," followed by laughter all around.

The new guy doesn't understand this and finally asks his cellmate, "What's with the numbers?"

"Well," his cellmate answers, "We've been in here so long that we've all heard the same jokes many times. We know them all so well, so we don't really need to tell the whole joke anymore. Each joke gets assigned a number, and when someone shouts out that number everybody already knows the joke and the punch line."

The new prisoner decides he'll take a stab at telling one by shouting out, "Eleven!" There is a long silence. "What's the matter?" he asks. "Isn't that one of the jokes?"

"Let's face it," says his cellmate. "Some people just don't know how to tell a joke."


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