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Not a Joke by Janell Rose
I guess I should let family know about JR's Alley episode. I had Dr. appointment Wed. at 10:00 A.M. Jr and I had been reading the paper and drinking our coffee when I thought I better get up and get ready. JR had gone outside when I went to tell him I was leaving and be back soon. I could not find him. Looked in house, back yard, front yard - everywhere. Since most of you have been here you have seen his little barn - it has a very small yard area like an "L" around it that he has enclosed with locked gates as said it was a good place for "someone to hide" if they came through the back gate from the alley. The gate was open to that portion of the yard - I went back there and JR was not there. Went back out front to see if I had missed him - then back again to back yard hollering for him. No answer - Andy was going around the barn so I thought I missed him some way and went back around the barn again. Andy was standing by the alley gate wagging his tail - I was hollering for JR and heard a very faint "Help." The gate looked like it was locked with the lock hanging - but when I pushed on it - it opened and I found JR laying on the grass by the alley. I ask him if he fell, he shook his head "No" and said call 911. He could not talk, he did not have any breath and he could not get up. The ambulance was here very quickly - his heart rate was 156 - they put him on oxygen immediately. I followed the ambulance to the hospital. We were in emergency for 4 hours while they were running test and then JR was admitted to the hospital, they wanted to keep overnight for more test to see if he had a heart attack. All the test came out OK except for high cholestral and he was put on two heart medications. JR has been having a lot of near fainting situations and has little energy. When we were in Pryor - he was sitting in the yard talking with Russ and he said he told Russ he had to quit talking as he was short of breath. Our Cardio Dr. told JR 3 weeks ago he might put him on medication after he saw the next report from his pacemaker which is scheduled for May 14. Medtronics reads his pacemaker every 4 months. He has been prescribed two of the heart meds I am taking and I hope these meds are going to help resolve this problem.

We are almost always right together. Today, because of two days at the hospital I had not mailed our home owner's insurance and I needed to take a check 6 blocks to State Farm. JR would not go with me - said he was resting. I told him stay right there in his chair while I went to take the check. When I got back - he is not in the house. I headed for his barn and he came around the corner with a grin and ask "did you think I was taking another nap in the alley?" Not funny - He has always had a sarcastic sense of humour and I pray he never loses it.

Our prayers are with all the members of this Dear, Dear Family that are dealing with health problems. We love you all so much - you are always in our thoughts and prayers. JR and Janell


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