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AR by Janell Rose
Julie, we are going to Caty's graduation if JR feels like it but we are not driving. That is such a long drive and JR does not feel like driving. We will go with Paul and Eileen Friday morn. and back Sunday afternoon. (They will be pulling a trailer moving Caty home.) So if we go we will be in Conway all of Sat. I reserved our room a month ago as rooms are going to be hard to find. We want to see the Benton's if we get to go and will also help get Caty packed - no carrying, I can not make it up and down stairs with my knees. I talked with Caty this past Thur. she said she was in the process of packing and would be doing more once her last Finals are over on Monday (today) but you know how last minute packing is. Can't believe her 4 years is over and she is "moving" back to TX. We understand Sybil being tired - after we got back from Pryor we were both worn out and we were not driving. Think we might need some "Geritol." Do they still make that stuff - used to hear advertised when we were young and spry. Love to All.


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