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Joke by Julia and Bob
Boy it sure is hard to get past those parental censors. First time I tried to post this it gave me the boot for saying a bad word. Ok...trying again. This one I got from Bob since he's
the jokester in our house.

"One night a young couple was walking down the street. They spotted an old man, about 80, sitting on the curb who was very upset and crying profusely. They asked the man, "sir, why are you cryin?" the man replied, "o I just married this beautiful young woman of 25." and continued to cry. Confused the couple tries again, "but sir, of you just married a beautiful young woman, there must be a reason you're so upset?" "there is," the man replied, "every night sense we've been married, when I come home, she's right there waiting for me, and we've had nothing but wild uncontrollable (insert 3 letter word that starts with an S and ends with an X)! It's always fantastic!" and then he resumed crying. Fed up, the man in the couple yells, "listen old man, so far you've given us nothin but reasons to be happy! WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!?!" The old man looks up and says, "because I forgot where I live!"


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