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ARKANSAS by Janell Rose
It has been a week - JR and I are just now "getting our act together" an old expression. We had a wonderful time in AR when we went to Caty's College Graduation from Hendrix at Conway, AR - but our "ole bones" take time to recover these days. About Thur after getting home we were beginning to feel up to Par - such as Par is these days. We were so proud of Caty and we want to sincerely Thank Russ and Carolyn, Joe and Linda and ALL the Benton Families for being so wonderful to Caty during her four years in Conway.

On Caty's last trip to TX before going back for her final semester we went to lunch and a little shopping. Caty said getting to know the Benton family has been amazing and she was very grateful for all the support - attending the basketball games - everything. Benton Family - you are truly wonderful. JR and I also appreciated visiting with Joe and Linda, Russ and Carolyn during our short trip. Russ and Carolyn, we especially enjoyed feeding the catfish and seeing your lovely home. JR can not stop talking about those cat fish. Russ, he thinks they are "your pets" and doubts that they will ever be in a fish fry. JR was telling Phil our neighbor about the catfish and I think everytime he tells the story - the fish have grown - they are up to 2 feet now. IF Jr lived there - I am afraid he would have his fishing equipment permanently on your dock. Thanks to everyone.

Now - that we are back home - I thought I would quickly get back to the Income Tax that I had almost complete to go to the CPA before we had to file an extension. I thought I would finish this week and take to the CPA for wrapup - that is all he does, I have everything catorgized, typed, etc. he just puts final figures together on the tax forms. However - Eileen is having a hard time getting all of Caty's furniture - belongings back in the house and ask about a garage sale. So - one is in the works for May 26 and I have been digging through closets - everywhere. Going to be hard to come up with "stuff" for a garage sale as I have been donating boxes to Medina Children's Home store on a regular basis. Since the Hensy's are going to arrive around 5:00 on that Sat. Morn. with a trailer - I won't worry about a lot of stuff, we will just furnish the driveway.

Not the way we would have planned a Memorial Weekend - but good as any. And - will maybe have the house cleared of excess (not really - this house is way too full - but not ready to give much up yet.) Anyway - it may be a little less full for our company in June. We are expecting ALL the family home for 2 - 3 days - Kids, Grandkids, families - for JR's 86th Birthday and invite any and all that want to come this way to join us.

At least I hope All will be home - Jaclyn came home to Keller on Thursday but she has to be back to UT Austin for Summer School starting May 31 - so her summer vacation is going to be short. I hope she will be able to come for her Granddad's Birthday.

Right now - I better head to the kitchen and start a late breakfast. Pray that this Dear Family is well and having a good day. We Love you all so much and miss you always. Have wished we lived closer so many times. JR and Janell


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