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Too Much Going On! by Janell Rose
Linda, Thanks for the information on Jim - we will get cards out to him and we pray you are doing well. Be sure to take care of yourself.

JR and I have too much going on. It took us most of a week to get back to "normal" after the AR trip. We sure appreciated going with Paul and Eileen but bouncing in a pickup to AR and back with a 17 foot trailer attached was a little rough on my back and shoulder. I feel like been through an intense exercise work out. Maybe that is the problem - NOT enough exercise -except the trip also left JR feeling pretty worn out for a week.

Now - we are planing a garage sale with the Hensy's over Memorial weekend at our house and I have been digging through closets, etc. I have been donating to our local Children's home - not much I want to put in a garage sale right now. (I know other people think a LOT could go.) JR has not even started getting ready for the garage sale - he has a garage overflowing - usually he starts bringing out a few things the morn. of the sale - unpriced - then he disappears and I have to go get him everytime a man ask about his "tools." Mostly - it is going to be furniture, beds, etc. from the Hensy's so they can get Caty situated at home to work for a period of time before she starts to grad school. Caty has been applying for scholarships and colleges all over since she got home last week and starting to look for a job.

Both Caty and Jaclyn came over Wed. night and spent the night helping me price my few garage sale items. It is so much fun to have them visit - loved them to pieces when they were little - but they are sure interesting young adults. Caty wants to sew with me this summer as she gets some free time and I will look forward to doing so. Jaclyn also wants to sew but she won't be around much - she is leaving today to go back for 2 summer sessions at UT Austin.

No one would want to see our back yard right now - I just hope it gets back in some kind of order before JR's birthday when all the family will be home. Andy smelled a rat - "literally." Andy ran up and down the deck sniffing between the boards for about 4 days - would come in with his tounge hanging out he was so tired. Then JR started pulling up deck boards. Between the two of them they got the rat. JR now has decking strowed all over the back yard and we are carefully stepping between the frame and boards. We have decided to put down stones for a part of the deck and he will put back some new deck boards. Concerns me as JR is not up to all this work. He will get up of morn - go out for an hour or so and come back and spend rest of day in his chair. He thinks he needs the exercise - but it is a little much for him. Plus already getting too HOT to be out in TX heat.

On top of his deck project we have a contractor starting in another week. Going to put Vinyl Siding on all the wood on our house. The contrator said "you have lots of wood" and we do because of JR adding the Den and our back bedroom. Going to be expensive but we are looking at the fact if we painted 4 times - it would be the price of the vinyl siding. So - this place is going to be under construction until about mid June. I just hope we have most of this project done by JR's Birthday when everyone is coming home.

I will just stay in the house and try to start cleaning house room by room. Hard to do with all the tracking in and out - the bare ground (no grass) is right at our back door since the deck is pulled up.

I do want to let everyone know I can not send any EMails. Something has happened with my computer and not been able to communicate for nearly two weeks. Paul will work on it while here for the garage sale this weekend - he is so good with the computer - I know will all be working properly after the weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We Love you all and think of you daily. Love, JR and Janell


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