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Have a Good Day by Janell Rose
Just a note to say we are thinking of James, Linda and Katherine - pray that James continues to make progress and know this is very hard for Linda and Katherine. Out thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time. Linda take care of yourself also on those long drives every day.

Always - our prayers and thoughts are with Pat, Wes and their family. Just wish we lived closer and could be more support. It has not been easy living so far away from all this Dear Rose Family all these years. So many times I wish we could drive over and have a cup of coffee or you could drop in and have a cup with us. You are always welcome but I know it is a heck of a long drive.

Speaking of long drives - we are looking for our Carolyn's family to arrive Thursday and Friday - be here till Sunday. Can hardly wait to see them - except for phone and computer - out ast visit was Christmas and that is WAY too long. Just because they live about 9 hours away - our family time is really missing out. Carolyn and Kent will be here Thur. nite (coming for JR's birthday) Zach and Jaclyn are both in Summer Sessions at college so can not come until Friday evening.

Probably wait until Sat. to have JR's Birthday dinner and I hope we have a little bit of the mess cleaned up around here by then. Our Contractors are still working on our house and they are NOT going to be through this week. This place is really not something you would want to see. I thought would invite 2 - 3 neighbors for Cake and Home made Ice Cream but gave up on the idea with all the construction. Our Drive Way has long boxes of Vinyl Siding. The back yard and Deck are absolute disaster. JR said he has never seen so much stuff strowed around. Their long cutting benches are all across the back yard - on the deck - boxes of cut off vinyl scraps needs to hauled off - the grass is growing right up through all the supplies and nothing we can do about it. Looks like we will not be getting out in the back yard and on the deck while the family is home. It is probably going to be too hot anyway - but we might want to get to the grill and getting there is an obstable course. This job is taking so long - started June 4 and JR said they are about half done. They actually are further than half but have at least another week. And that is not counting the putting up of gutters on the house after the vinyl siding is finished nor the painting of JR's barn. We used this contractor for our kitchen repair 3 years ago and he was done in a week. This time he has sub contractors that show up around 10:30 and seem to leave between 3 and 4. One or two times we have had 3 men working - but so much of the time only one. Today one young man came at 11:15 and left at 2:15. I don't want to complain as do not want to upset them. They are doing a good job but like Granddad Rose used to say "slow as molasses." OK - enough of this. "Mom" always said "this too will pass."

Worked at our mall Five hours on Saturday and met Caty at JoAnn's fabric in Grapevine afterwards. First day Caty has had off work in a week - bought patterns and fabric - we are going to start sewing. Caty said she wants to get really good at sewing - I taught her as a child - but she has not had time to sew through high school and college - so we will be doing a "refresher course."

Love all this dear family and keeping you always in our thoughts and prayers. JR and Janell


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