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Condolences and apologies by Leah Jean
Dear Patricia, thank you so much for keeping us informed of James's condition. I'm so sorry to hear about his health issues.

Janell, thank you so much for writing such long lovely messages especially concerning James. I'm afraid some of us have been rather lax in our scribbling duties ... but it wasn't without reasons. Believe me!

So let me recant some.

First of all, I've been having some health issues of my own. And started some new medication that was making me a bit ... uh ... spacey. Kept dropping, knocking over, tripping over, or breaking things. Glad I wasn't real fond of my dinner glasses set because it is now 3 less than it was a month ago. Things are better now though. Haven't broken a glass in about 3 weeks.

Also, went to New York City a few weekends ago with some of the gang. So we were a bit preoccupied with planning and preparing for that. I'll tell you all about that in coming messages. It was quit intersting and just down-right crazy at times! And let me say here and now that what they say about NYC taxi drivers is WELL DESERVED! They are all CRAZY!

And finally, my current govt contract job is ending soon so I've been filling out job applications, interviewing, and generally keeping busy on my home computer exchanging info with my company. The good news is that I have a few offers ... but the tricky part is getting the job I want without screwing up everything else. [Sigh]

So now that I can think and function fairly normal again, have recovered from the trip to The Big Apple (some of us did seem to have some health issues afterwards though like Montezuma's Revenge), and gotten a little bit of a handle on my job situation I will try to write more often.

No promises though. ;)



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