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Catch up by Stacia
Good Hot Afternoon, Family!

While Thomas snoozes and Todd, Zoe and Dad swim, I'll play catch up on here!

Leah, I hope you are feeling better - how is the job hunt going? aunt Janell, how is Uncle Junior feeling? How is your construction going? I keep looking at Facebook for photos of your updates (hint!). Would love to come see them in person - maybe someday we will get to Dallas again!

Yesterday was a very special day for us - we interred Mom's ashes in the Westville Cemetery. She is buried several rows dierectly behind and in line with Grandma and Grandpa Rose. It was a very simple and peaceful ceremony.

We are enjoying our busy summer, despite the heat. James is on the board of directors for his neighborhood pool, so we joined as support. Love it! So much fun to take Griffin, Zoe and Thomas together (I wear him in a sling, but it won't be long until he is chasing the other two!). We took a nice trip to Hawaii for a wedding, and now I cannot get enough coconut or pineapple. Todd's mom flies in Sunday for the week - plan spending most of her visit at the lake, where we hope she can relax and play grandma.

How is that for exciting? Would love to hear from everyone else, and since most of you live where it is hot as blazes, I know you are sitting in your AC on the computer! So, No excuses!

Love you all mucho!



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