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HOT Summer Time by Janell Rose
Stacia, I saw your note on Facebook asking what to cook in Hot Summer. JR and I are having this problem - in fact he does not want me cooking - he eats watermelon!!!! I love to bake but my baking ends in the Spring - no more baking till Fall. JR says does not make sense to run the A/C and the Oven. So- for his recent Birthday I ordered a "Hummingbird Cake" from a new bakery just about 6 blocks from us. Most of the family thought it was really good - but there were others that do not think you should have cake unless it is Chocolate.

We sure enjoyed having (9) of us together again for JR's Birthday. Even tho it was hot and we spent most of the time in the house. We did get out to go to one elaborate estate sale - a lady that wrote books for Dsylexia (Spellinng?_ Since Eileen is changing schools after several years of Resource Teaching - she will start teaching Dsylexia in August and looking forward to her new job. Instead of Grades 1 - 3 with 22 to 24 Resource Students for all subjects - she thinks this is going to be much easier. Sure hope she is right. Anyway - this lady wrote books on Home Decor as well and she worked with Scottish Rite Hosp. Then one day we went to Ft. Worth Science & History museum and the OMNI Theatre. Mostly just a lot of visiting - Carolyn's family had not been here since Christmas. Hate that they live 9 hours away.

Talking about cooking - JR just came in and said he was going to cook his oatmeal and raisins. He got very good at that menu while I was recouping from the rotator cuff surgery.

Stacia, JR is doing well, after his hospital trip and AFib Diagnosis - his Dr. put him on two medications which he says leaves him with no energy - but the problem he was having several times a week with what he called his "racing heart" which he thought was related to his Pacemaker from last Fall - has subsided. That was getting scary, he would do very little and then have to sit down in the yard or where he was because he was going to pass out like he did out in the alley and he was exhausted after every episode.

As for our house - It is 10:30 A.M. and I just now heard the contractor start pecking on the front of the house. Will be one month on July 4 since they started. This Sub is doing a very good job but it has been a long process. He said he underestimated how much wood we had and all the areas where he has had to cut and bend aluminum that goes all around the roof of the house - plus all the wood strips that had to be removed took nearly a week. One thing with all this foam insulation and the vinyl this house should be cooler and warmer. He is doing a good job - just a slow one. He was supposed to finish last Friday but could not - would say 99% done. A little around front of house and near the back door - then nearly a day of packing. JR said he one time thought he would put on the aluminum and vinyl siding and realizes now not something he would have wanted to get in to. Lots of equipment for measuring and cutting aluminum - bending equipment, etc. Our house and yard have been a terrible mess - back yard not been cut since late May. Going to take us some time to get caught up.

My Brother and wife are coming about the 9th. They have to go back to Waggoner to make arrangements for a new roof on her Father's place - handle that estate, etc. from her Father passing this Spring. I hope an easier trip for them this time - last time he was still unable to drive from his accident and being in OK for over a month really got him off his therapy and recovery schedule. More pain in both his fractured pelvis and shoulder. When he was here in May - still could not close his fist and raise his arm up much above his shoulder without helping with his other hand. Terrible accident - but so grateful for where he is.

Caty is going to work in the Phsy ward at John Peter Smith Hosp. after mid July. She went last week for Drug Test, Tetanus Shot, etc. She is excited and we pray this is a good job for her. She has been working at a Southlake Town Square Restaurant. Jaclyn finishing her first Summer Session at UT after the 4th and will get to come home for a few days before 2nd. Summer Session begins.

I am going for my five weeks of "Rooster Comb" shots in both knees again - had my first one last week and for me like having "new knees" after so much grinding pain. My doctor has said I need both knees replaced - but as long as I can get these shots - will not happen. They last me nearly a year. Amazing what these shots can do. Andy's Vet told me they have been giving these shots to horses for years before started using on humans. I wish they could put the shots in my feet. I have Neuropaty so bad - it is like walking on coals and I am a terrible scratcher so now I have soles of my feet plastered with band aids. I can just hear Sandy tell me to "stop that scratching."

JR has the OATMEAL done - better head for kitchen then to the Dr. for next knee shots. Hope all this Dear Family is having a good Summer. Stay out of the Heat. We love you all so much. JR and Janell


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