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What a vacation! by Leah Jean
Yes, I'm sure a few of you have heard that we had a very nasty storm pass last Friday night on the East Coast and, yes, it did quite a bit of damage. I didn't really have a clue until I went out driving around Saturday afternoon. You see, my electricity went out also Friday night. I woke around midnight to lighting that reminded me of a strobe light because it was flashing so incessantly. Fortunately I knew where I had put the matches and candles. After I got 4 candles lite, I just sat and read because it sounded way too nasty outside for me to get to sleep again. And when you can't turn the TV on to find out what is going on, it is even spookier. Everything had subsided by quite a bit though when one final large CRACK sounded fairly close outside and then a rumble of thunder continued on. Obviously something in my neighborhood got struck by lightning. Definitely put my nerves on end. Never found out where it happened. But then the whole neighborhood was pretty much a mess of fallen limbs and leaves. I remember watching cars coming into the neighborhood during the storm and noticed that they were driving pretty slow. Figured there must be limbs in the road. There were.

And I'd just started a vacation of 2 weeks because I was so tired from working and job seeking.

You know what isn't fun? Having your electricity out when the weather soars into the 90s. Fortunately the storm cooled the temps down from the 100s the day before. [Yeha] Unfortunately the humidity went up high due to the storm so it got really miserable towards the late afternoon. It got into the 90s on the 1st and 2nd floors of my house. Fortunately the basement stayed in the low 70s. I'd already made up the sofa bed for Friday night on the 1st floor ... which is what I do when the weather gets really hot and the 2nd floor gets too hot. So for Saturday night I took the other sofa's cushions and a few quilts into the basement and made up a 3rd bed on the floor. Not the most comfortable bed but it was nice and cool. Boy, was I thrilled when the AC came back on at 2:00 in the morning. It took a little while to get the humidity out of the house though.

So glad I didn't have to go back to work on Monday because it took pretty much all Sunday to recover from the heat on Saturday. Finally started getting some energy back by Sunday evening.

But I was lucky compared to a lot of other people who went longer without or still don't have electricty around here.

We'd put off my "send off from work" luncheon until Monday due to other conflicts. [Friday was my last day at that job.] Besides telling others about where I was going to next, we all had fun discussing how many had their electicity go out. We had 8 people at the table and 4 of us had lost power. One went over a day, had his power come back on, and then it went back out again. Another had his power out for 2 whole days ... but he had a generator large enough to run a refrigerator, freezer, fans, TVs, etc. His daughter even used her hair dryer. [He noticed the drop in the power when she did it.] So I didn't feel at all sorry for him! Fortunately my frozen food managed to barely hang on but I was trying to finish off some of the popsicles. But it was so hot by Saturday afternoon that I really enjoyed eating a slightly frozen burrito. What it lacked in flavor it made up in cooling! Had to throw a lot of the fridge stuff out though. Fortunately it was only yogurt I threw down the sink before realizing that the disposal doesn't run without electricity. Eh gads! Had to actually open and close the garage door manually. Geez, we are so spoiled.

Needless to say the malls and theaters were packed. Well ... those that were still functioning. I finally had to get out of the house around 2:00. Got to the mall that also has a theater complex and the parking lots were full! Went over to another theater complex and it was closed due to no power. I heard that gas stations were doing a big business because of all the generators that were running. And lots of restaurants ... those with power ... were also booming because lots couldn't cook or wanted to get out of their hot houses. Went to a 3rd movie theater and saw "Men in Black III". The movie was okay. The popcorn descent. The AC was wonderful! :)

Well, since I'm off for the next 2 weeks and have finally recovered from job hunting, work, and from being without electricity, I may finally get around to talking about my NYC trip.

Oh, and Jenell, you and Jr. please take care of yourselves. Sounds like you 2 are not having much fun down there in Texas. And all that heat for all you in Texas and the midwest? Ugh. At least its dry heat. But unfortunately it is way too dry there. At least we have been getting some rain with our 100 deg. temps. Got to admit that I'd rather put up with the muggies and not have the drought.

Stayin' cool .... indoors,


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