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Leah's stories by Patricia
As always, Leah, your stories are so entertaining. I just felt like I was in NY with you. know Tulsa is the entertainment wonder of the world. Huh! I really wouldn't know because about the only place I go is to the grocery store (although that can be somewhat entertaining at times. I always strike up a conversation with at least one or two people in the store. They must think I'm an employee or grocery shop a lot because I never fail to hear "where is the butter or some product." I guess they just think I'm a nice redneck because I usually wear my ball-cap because I don't think the grocery store appreciates good hair and makeup. I really need to start cutting my sleeves out of my t-shirts and wear cut-off jeans at least at Mr. Sam Walton's stores.

I must say I wouldn't have wanted to be there when all that weather came through your area, but I would have loved the rain. We are so dry here my water bill is going to be enormous. All my plants are suffering so, and I get so tired of moving sprinklers and always goofing up and getting showered myself. I think I'll just start taking bath soap out with me and using the sprinkler as a shower. I would either end up in the funny farm or my neighbors would be scared to death and call the police. That might be kind of nice....I would go to jail and they would feed and clothe me, and I would not have to go to the grocery store anymore. lol Just a thought?
Love all you who visit here


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