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Fun is where you find it by Leah Jean
Patricia, you're a bona fide nut! Glad you have fun at your grocery store. Its that warm personality of yours that attracts those people.

Kinda wondering what you look like in a baseball cap though. :)

Sorry I haven't gotten around to another "Day" of the NYC trip but ... as I said before ... started a new job. Plus got the cleaners coming on Friday so I have to straighten up my messy house for them. It's so ironic that so many of us end up cleaning up our house for the cleaners. But then if I didn't have them show up periodically, my house would always remain such a mess! Also this heat is just sapping what is left of my energy. Went over 100 again today. At least we've had a little rain but Maryland is still pretty dry. There were thunderstorms today but they all seemed to come about to my doorstep and dissipate or break out around my area. Typical. But when the rains came by the heat dropped over 20 degrees and I opened up the house for awhile. We will be enjoying lower temps for the rest of the week. Yeah!



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