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phone numbers and addresses by Patricia
Folks, I seem to have lost my address and phone number book. Would you please email me with your information, or you could private message me on facebook. That doesn't mean I'll call or write, but at least I'll have them. lol I am so lazy, I haven't even set up my voice mail on my cell phone. I was charging it last night and it said I had 10 missed calls. I know it wasn't Wes, Chuck, or Lee because I carry it with me when I'm away and it is usually in my purse in the closet when I'm home. I guess I'll have to demand that the little turkey has to come out of the closet, but it really prefers staying in there. It's really kind of shy. That may be one of my things to do today--set up my voice mail. maybe?
Love you all so very much


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