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MOMA by Jeff Tankersley
A few years back I had the opportunity to see an exhibit of Henri Mattisse's work in Denver (about a hundred pieces). It was extroardinary!
This fall a large show of Van Goh is coming. I can't wait to see it.
If I was in NY, the MOMA would be a must see.

This morning I was cleaning up a large vase of flowers that I had arranged for our kitchen a week ago, and my thoughts went back to mom teaching us about flowers when we were kids, and showing us how to arrange them. I will always remember entering arrangements in the neghborhood flower club competitions, and having fun with that. I don't remember if any of the other kids did it. Maybe Cindy? Often I quietly thank our mom for giving us an appreciation for the arts. It makes life a little more joyful.

Hope all are well and happy-


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