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Forever young by Leah Jean
Hey Jeff, glad to see that you also have a strong appreciation for the arts. But then all us kids have it. Cindy was the only one who ever really seemed to be a creator. The rest of us like viewing and/or collecting. An exhibition of Monet would have been wonderful to see. And Van Gogh, he's obviously very good too. Not one of my favorites, but still good. And yes, I remember entering one of the flower arrangement events. I kept the little porcelain creature that Mom had bought me to put in mine for years.

As to the title of this message ... forever young? Well, that has to do with what the gang did Friday night. We went to a rock concert in D.C. featuring Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart. I am not a big fan of Stevie Nicks (her voice never thrilled me). But I do like Fleetwood Mac a lot. And I like Rod Stewart's music but was never what you would call a great fan. He also has a rather raspy voice but I consider it to have more soulfulness than Stevie's. And how old were these people anyway? I was told that Stevie is around 64 and Rod is around 67. So how much energy did they have left after a life of "living large"?

Well, the show was pretty much sold out from what I could tell. And it was a large cross section of age groups. Several in my age group (50s) and many younger ... and much younger. Even noticed a few grey haired oldsters running around. I didn't really pay a whole of lot attention to the crowd though because I was so hot and sweaty at first. We'd ridden the D.C. Metro (above ground train or subway at times) in and the first car didn't have any air conditioning in it. The driver even came out and very helpfully suggested that we go to the other car during the next stop because its AC was working. And we did because it was in the 90s, very humid, and we were not so lightly attired. After the ride we walked several hot city blocks to a restaurant which didn't have the greatest AC either but the food was good. I unwisely got something hot though. Then we walked several more blocks to the Verizon convention center. Good AC. Yeah. Took a while to de-sweat though.

Stevie came on first. Her, uh, body movements kind of reminded me of watching Joan Rivers. Rather stiff. But her gyrations and gesticulations were a little weird too. I'd almost be curious to watch an old concert of hers just to compare her behavior then with now. There was one position she did with a kind of shawl or cape that made her look like a bat flying around. Hmm. I rather enjoyed hearing some of the old Fleetwood Mac numbers but her voice still didn't do anything for me. And I never cared that she was a beauty with long blond hair. I'm more interested in talent. There was one song that specifically made me whince with her gravelly voice. Did enjoy the large screen behind the stage. The art work or pictures used were very well done and there were times that I paid much more attention to it than to watching the band. But then we weren't real close to the stage so it wasn't easy to see the band members. There were 2 large screens set off to the sides of the stage for "close ups" on band members but I couldn't really see either of those very good.

Then Rod came out. He started off with the song "Forever Young" which was very appropriate. The man is a major ham, constant flirt, and all around goof-ball. In otherwords, he puts on quite a show! Of course, having a really good production behind him helped. The group was made up of 3 good looking backup singers in short sequined dresses. He also had 3 other women similarly attired on the other side of the stage but playing sax, trumpet, and violin. He did have another sax player who was male and black up with them. Then there were two drummers, an organist/piano player, and 2 guitarists. For a few songs they also brought out a group of about 10 local violinists ... all female. Rod flirted or interacted with all of the team members at one time or another.

Rod can still shake his bootie. Albiet a bit stiffly. But then he may never have been much of a dancer. He wore rather outrageous outfits such as a burnt pink rather shiny suit and at the end of the performance he came out in a wildly paisleyed jacket with white pants. He always wore some rather obnoxiously yellow socks that he liked showing off periodically, especially when he seemed to be doing some kind of Michael Jackson type dance steps. [No, he never attempted the "Moon Walk".]

The stage setup was very good and the videos and art work that was done on the huge background screen were outstanding -- rather 60y-ish and Art Deco-y at times. When the band first started it was very rousing with flashing lights, bright colorful artwork (on the screen), and with constantly moving and dancing band members. Rod didn't just do his own songs but some others from the old days. All were very good renditions. For some of the slower numbers they had several chairs brought to the front of the stage where the guitarists changed to more traditional non-electric guitars, the violinist was featured some, and even Rod sat down. There were also a couple of "rest numbers" for Rod where other members of the band took over. There was a very rousing drum "solo" (actually there were 2 of them) that lasted for about 10 minutes. Also the backup singers did a wonderful imitation of Tina Turner's famous performance of Creedance Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary". Lots of fun!

There were a couple of songs that featured Rod's favorite sports team ... the Celtic? Obviously he's a big soccer fan. And near the end of the performance soccer balls were brought onto the age and he started throwing or kicking them out into the audience. And the man could definitely kick pretty far! Most of the balls were never returned but a few were so he kicked or threw them back out again. Very entertaining to watch!

Unfortunately we still had to go back home by taking the Metro and nothing had cooled down much. First thing I did when I got home at about 12:30 was take a shower. And it has been the first time in ages that I actually slept in until 9:30. [I'm usually up around 5:00 - 6:00.] Also I was soooooo tired all day Saturday. Probably recovering from all the heat the day before.

But it was definitely all worth it!

Havin' fun,


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