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Happy New Year by Julie Van Woy
Posted by Julie Van Woy ( on January 03, 2005 at 12:58:17:

Happy New Year everyone!I see that I'm a little late, it is the 3rd of Jan already, John Henry is back in school, it's 65 outside, I'm confused. John and I just finished a two hour breakfast with a couple in our b&b. The 83 year old gentleman grew up in this house and operated a taxi in Eureka Springs in the 30's. So full of stories, wish he could've stayed longer. His bedroom was the one with the pink bathroom--they all have pink bathrooms.
Had a quiet Christmas after our fun trip to Tulsa. Aunt Judy, thank you so much, your home seems more and more like Grandma's. Hank and you are wonderful hosts and the great times we have lure us back. (That and Sandra's fudge)
Wow! It's noon, I'm still in my robe, John's working around me packing Christmas decorations and giving me those "looks" (like when I'm on the phone for extended visits)
Love to all! Julie


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