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Judy by Janell Rose
Jeff, loved your note and tribute to your beautiful Mother. Your family is not the only one to benefit from Judy's Art. Our Carolyn always talked about being at Uncle Hank and Aunt Judy's and seeing a beautiful arrangement on the piano made with huge dried garlic flowers from her garden. In the past years - I have seen Carolyn gathering "weeds" to make dried arrangements. She tried growing garlic to dry but never did grow the huge garlic stems like Judy. Judy contributed plants to our first yard that we so much appreciated.

Reading all Lean's notes really make me envious and exhausted. Leah, I have told you before YOU REALLY need to be writing. You have a marvelous talent.

Speaking of exhausted - Eileen and I can hardly get ourselves wound up and started this morning. We went to Austin Tue. evening to help Jaclyn pack her little apt. to move on Wed. We started at her apt. 8:00 Wed. morn. and back to our hotel at 12 midnight. I am too OLD for this much activity - but I don't know how Eileen did all she did. She has to be terribly sore today. Jaclyn moved to a 3rd. floor apt. UP 32 steps on outside stair case. Eileen went up/down those steps over and over and over carrying heavy boxes - furn. I just could not do it. I had 5 weeks of knee shots (both knees) and only finished those shots on Monday before we went to Austin. (Dr. says I need both knees replaced but as long as I can get "Rooster Comb" shots a couple times a year, I will not. Andy's vet said they gave those Hyalgan shots to horses before humans - so guess if they help a horse, should help me.) Anyway, I had to hold on the banister and nearly pull myself up one step at a time. By the time I got to the top, I was totally out of breath. I made it to the 3rd. floor and stayed there to empty the boxes they were carrying in. Big job as Jaclyn moved in with 3 other girls - a big part of the job was organizing. The other 3 girls got the big bedrooms and walk in closets. Jaclyn moved in last to a very small room and closet. The clothes rod in her small closet was swayed before any clothes were hung. Just as we finished hanging her clothes - the rod and all her clothes wound up in a pile on the bottom of the closet. The rod was a little short, swayed, with the clothing added - down it came. Just about the last straw.

We had not eaten since our breakfast Tacos, so went to Home Depot almost 9:00 P.M. and to get a quick meal. New Closet Rod - - plastic storage, etc. and back to climb the stairs again. The new rod was barely too long - Eileen sanded and sanded on the end. Finally Jaclyn got out a little saw blade (she had loaned out the saw) with only the blade, she sewed off the end a tiny bit by hand and hammered into place. What an ordeal. We got to our hotel at 12 midnite and up at 6:00 A.M. to leave Austin. Paul needed his truck for a customer meeting at 1:00 P.M. Meeting in Dallas.

We drug in home about 11:00 A.M. yesterday - both of us barely moving. Poor JR - good thing he was not hungry as I could hardly get off the sofa last night and I am still trying to get moving this morn. Better sign off and make an effort - this house needs desperate attention. Love to All, JR and Janell


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