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Moving Day by Jeff Tankersley
You and Junior are crazy! I gave up on helping people move years ago. Too hard on me. Let the young ones do it. I did enough of that when I was young. But, then again, if it was a grandchild needing help??? Hopefully one of these days.
Actually, I think it's great that you guys keep yourselves so busy. Keeps you out of trouble.
Jodi and I missed quite an opportunity last week, and we have no excuse other than forgetfullness. Mitt Romney visited our little town (you need to understand that we are talking a town of 4000 people) and held a campaign stop at our high school. What Mitt is doing in Basalt, Colorado, is beyond me, but that's just the beginning. On the morning of said event, the radio station I was listening to (country, of course- who else would be interested in this stuff?) began to announce who it was that would accompany Mr Romney in Basalt High School. Chris Christie, of NJ, Bobby Jindahl, of LA, Jan Brewer, of AZ, Nikie(?) Haley(?), of SC (or NC, or wherever), Mary Fallon, of OK, and five other Republican governors, who I can't remember. It was like the Top Ten Republican governors from around the country (I don't think Mary Fallon would normally be included in such a group- she must have not had anything to do that day- but hey, she's close by). Anyway, I was wanting to go and see what all the comotion was about, in our normally sleepy village, but I'll be darned if Jodi and I just plain forgot about it.!?
Anyway, it turns out that all of the guvs were hanging out just up the road in Aspen, and so it seems that they didn't make a special trip just to come see us in Basalt. Now it all makes more sense. But still, I feel kind of lame for not getting over to the school to check it out. The worst part is that we can see the school from our house, and we were both home, and we didn't even notice. Oh well, maybe next time.?!(next time I'll make a note)
Cindy says that it was raining in Tulsa last night, that is a good thing, cooled it off a lttle. I inquired about taking some sailing lessons at Oolagah Lake, just northeast of Tulsa, and they said it was too hot! Huh? But then he said that when it is so hot, there is usually no wind, so sailing is no fun. OK. Maybe in September or October.
Hope all are well--
Love, Jeff


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