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Move by Janell Rose
Yes Jeff, we are crazy - but this time only myself - not JR. He stayed home with Andy while I went to Austin with Eileen. JR said "I can go on vacation??????" Yeah - Vacation. It was good to see Jaclyn tho - she has been gone entire summer - taking two summer sessions, we hope she will get to come home a short time before Fall Terms starts. Caty has missed her this summer - although Caty is too busy to miss anyone right now. She is taking Micro Biology/Lab 4 days a week and started this past week working three consecutive 12 hour days at John Peter Smith Hospital in Ft. Worth Phsy. Ward. And she says she really likes her job. Going to be a rough 7 days a week - I think her class will be over in a couple weeks then maybe we will see her again. Caty is great about calling and say she is coming over to spend the night. JR and I SURE miss these Grandchildren. Grandchildren sounds funny - they are such adults these days.

Hope all this Dear Family is OK with all the Drought, Fires, etc. I talked with my Aunt in Cushing, OK this morn to see if they were all right. Cushing is town next to Drumright. Her Grandson lost his barn, truck and an antique car. She said they were told the house was gone but when they let them back in the area - the fire had burned in a V around the house. Today's paper said that the Oklahomna fire has been "hopping" buring large area and then leaving patches untouched. We sure are feeling for all the OK residents. Last year it was disaster in Texas. We have friends that have been working this summer at Bastrop State Park trying to reconstruct this beautiful park and many of the people from the town are still living in motels, trailers etc that have been brought in.

We can water only 2 days a week morning and night but Dallas area has not had the drought so far this year that is affecting other areas of TX and across the country.

Dear Family stay safe - we miss you and love you much. JR and Janell


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