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James Rose by Patricia
Linda spent the night with James last night and things went well. No changes. They are still running more tests. Some good news--His blood count is a little better than it was when he was admitted to the Hospital. They say it is like juggling--so many problems. They have to give one medication to counteract problems of some other medication. Linda is going home to take care of some things and will be picking up Katherine this afternoon at 2:00-then back to the hospital. She also told me that some of the swelling has gone down. That's all I know right now. I hope to go see him in a little while but I don't know if I can. Wes was running a temp. last night and I'm just bushed this morning--I have a scratchy eye and it is driving me crazy. It feels like I need to put a patch on it to keep from blinking. Oh, I'm SUCH A WIMP.
Later, folks


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