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James Rose by Patricia
James was awake most of the day. He squeezed our hands and did not try to fight the tubes, etc. We talked with the doctor and he said it was a grave situation. The antibiotics aren't working like they should and the longer he has to stay on the antibiotics the greater the danger to his organs. They stopped using one of the blood pressure medications and that was good because it was the one that can be really dangerous over time. We are hoping that just the one will keep his blood pressure under control without having to go back to the other one as well. It is just a wait and see issue now, but I feel the doctor is not very optimistic. We continue to have hope and still need all the prayers you can offer.
As always, love you dearly.

I'm sorry I waited so long to post, but Wes has been sick last night and today and he is finally out of bed feeling better.


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