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Funeral Arrangements by Linda Rose
Thank you, Pat, for your message. Today has been a hectic day as you can imagine.

Thank you, everyone, for all your thoughts and prayers. Having the support of this wonderful family has been a comfort to all of us. First let me say that Jim and I have known for a long time how difficult it can be to travel these long distances as we have become older, slower and sometimes sicker. I know that Jim was very practical about these matters and would not want to see anyone take on travel once it became too much of a burden.

There will be a visitation tomorrow evening from 6-8 p.m. at Luginbuel Funeral Home in Langley. The address is:

Luginbuel Funeral Home
536 Highway 28
Langley OK 74350

The funeral is at 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning at the First Christian Church of Langley. The address:

220 Cherokee Ave
Langley, OK 74350

The burial will be at Westville Cemetery at 2 p.m.

All of the information for the services can be found at Luginbuel's website:

The nearest place to stay that we would recommend is the Holiday Inn Express in Vinita, Oklahoma. The address is:

Holiday Inn Express
232 S. 7th St
Vinita, OK 74301

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.



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