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Thoughts with all the Rose Family by Janell Rose
Sorry, we were unable to go to eat with the family yesterday. Had JR and I been by ourselves we would have stayed the night in OK - we were riding with Paul and Eileen and they had to get home. Paul had to get ready today to leave for Germany in the morning for ten days. It was good to see all the family but not at this very sad time. We love all of you so much and it is so hard to be together at such a time of loss. Our hearts and prayers go out to Linda, Katherine, Patti, Lisa, Morgan and Jamila in their time of sorrow and we feel their sorrow and loss through out this entire family. We have been so blessed with the years we have been given with this dear family - the joy of sharing each other's lives and our blended families.

We had a difficult drive back to TX - much of our drive was spent in terrible pouring rain that was blinding much of the time causing slow driving. Along with the rain we had very heavy gust of wind. Not a pleasant trip. We finally drove out of the storm before getting to Durant. Arrived in Irving at almost straight up 10:00 P.M. Andy was so happy to see us - but concerned when Paul and Eileen left so quickly to head for Keller. OK got some much deserved rain, too bad we could not bring some back to TX.

I do want to say that JR lost his glasses in case anyone picked up a pair of glasses with a gold frame. I have tried to make some calls today but doubt they will turn up. Jr said he would just go "get a pair of reading glasses." Of course that will not work - he got a new pair last fall after wearing the old pair 6 years. His glasses are over $300. Jr has to wear special glasses with one "slab off" lens because of the injury to his eye when he had the car accident. Just thought would let you know in case someone picked up a pair. Jr said he had taken them off and put in his pocket and must have dropped when he was "hugging family."

Love you all so much. Katherine, praying for you and your new job - know you are going to have a wonderful career.


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