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Earth Quake by Janell Rose
Stacia, I am going to try again - I tried to post 5 times and system would not let me - said I had a "bad word." I went back and looked at everthing - erased and erased - still no posting. I could not find a bad word. Since, we have been so busy and both of us have had 2 - 3 Dr. appointments - so just now getting back.

Yes, the earthquake really shook our house just after 11:00 P.M. Sat. Our news said the 3.4 quake was centered near DFW Airport - so we really felt the quake.

I had come to the computer to check for an Email from a young friend of ours. Kyle lived next door with Phil for about 5 years before he went to a bible college in Houston. He graduated in August and has started in the ministry. Kyle always comes to see JR and I when in Irving, he spent about an hour here Sat. afternoon before he left for Houston. He is going to Guatemala this Thursday in a ministry of "The Forgotten People." He was to send me some info when he returned to Houston Sat. nite so I came in to check the computer. The quake knocked my computer off line. Really shook our house. Very startling. I got up and went down the hall feeling very strange, reached out to the walls as I was dizzy. I met JR coming out of the garage door by our den with big wide eyes. He had been in the garage doing one of his little projects. He said something fell in the garage and the house moved. "Did you feel that?" We turned on TV to see if any news - was too soon. Less than 10 minutes later we felt an after shock. With this little experience - I sure would not like to iive in CA.


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