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Janell - Earthquakes by Stacia

I know all too well that awful feeling an earthquake, even a small one, can provide. The biggest one I ever experienced was a 7.2 when I was in Santa Monica with Mom and Aunt Pat. It was centered in Joshua Tree, which is a good hour west of LA, but it sure did shake us good!

We were staying in a hotel on the 3rd floor, I believe, and I woke up to it. Thinking it was small, I ignored it initially, but as it got bigger, I jumped up and tried to calmly wake mom up, by shaking her and saying, "Mom, mom". While doing that, Pat shot up in bed, yelling "Mom! Mom!" and scared the bajeebies out of me. Anyway, we all three gathered in the doorway of the bathroom - Mom saying the Lord's Prayer, Patricia saying Hail Mary's and me listening to the toilet water sloshing back and forth. I think it lasted about 45 seconds.

It was one of the most frightening experiences ever. The next morning, Mom woke me up to say she and Pat were going for coffee but were going to leave me to sleep in. I flew out of bed - NO WAY did I want to be alone in that room!

Glad you all are ok. And glad it wasn't bigger!

Love you all!



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