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Frankenstorm by Leah Jean
Yes, I'm still here ... for now. Fortunately The Storm is not slated to hit my area directly. [Ahem] But we are still supposed to get whalloped. I've bought my batteries, bottled water, nonrefrigeratable snacks and am trying to clean out my fridge as much as possible. At least the popcicles are almost gone. [Oink!] After loosing a bit of food last time I'm not taking any chances this time. The fridge is starting to look pretty empty except for added bottled water and fruit drinks. The freezer still has several more items to be eaten though.

Cindy called me Friday and laughingly asked if I had plenty of candles and matches ready. Oh yes!

And we not only have a hurricane coming in but a cold front coming from the west to drop the temperatures down.

At least I had a gas fireplace installed last year and it is supposed to work even if the electricty goes out. Now I just have to get around to lighting the ding-dang pilot lite. Supposed to have cold temperatures coming in with the storm so I may get a chance to test it. Kind of expensive to use but beats having no heat. The areas west of here may be getting snow and it could be a significant amount. Brrrrr.

Watching the Fall leaves all come tumbling down as the wind picks up around here. Typical. The leaves turn beautiful and a big storm comes thru to knock everything off the trees. Just hope the one old very large tree in my front yard stays up. I've been eyeing it for awhile, especially after one big limb came down a few months ago. Got my fingers crossed.

Well, if the electricity goes out probably Monday, you may not hear from me for awhile. At least we have plenty of help coming in from all over the country for this one. [Our power companies got raked over the coals for the last storm because it took forever to get all the power back on. But that storm was very unexpected.] Heard that trucks were even coming in from Texas and Oklahoma. We will highly appreciate having some neighbors heading out way. :) I think my electricity was out for 2 hot and muggy days last time. Not fun.

Yesterday I drove over to Annapolis (where the Naval Academy resides) next to the Chesapeake Bay. While crossing a fairly large bridge I noticed how there weren't hardly any boats out which was strange considering it was a pretty nice day. And then I looked at the docks and, brother, were they all empty! Most everybody had moved or were in the processing of moving their boats to safer areas.

Hmmmmmm. If my electricty goes out and I get my fireplace going, I may try "cooking with gas". Now doesn't THAT sound like fun?

Okay, maybe just heating up stuff instead. ;)

Battening down the hatches!


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