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my location? by Leah Jean
Patricia, I'm not too close to the ocean so I don't have to worry about storm surge. But if you check out on a map or something like I'm in Ellicott City, MD a bit south-west of Baltimore. My house is also about 20 miles due north of D.C. I'm at a high enough elevation in my neighborhood not to worry about flooding much either. Which is good because the Fall leaves are really piling up to clog drains.

But the winds are getting stronger and stronger. The drive home from work around noon wasn't too bad. All govt has pretty much shut down now in preparation for this evening when the really nasty stuff is supposed to hit. And we're off tmrw too ... probably to keep everybody off messy roads and out of the way of repair crews. Govt officials are warning of widespread electrical outages. But I lite my fireplace pilot light lite last night, tested turning on the fire, and stopped by the library to pick up a few books. Everybody else was stopping by the library yesterday also. Pretty crowded! It is wonderful having a very new and large library just a few miles from my house. I found the fiction/sci-fi section yesterday for the first time so I've now got entertainment for candle-lite hours.

Reporting in,


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