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Still here by Leah Jean
I can't believe it. My electricity is still on! But that can still change because the ground is very saturated and there's still some wind. A spokesman for the electric company said that there still could be problems with trees falling and hitting power cables. He even said that this will have an affect for even the next few months because trees were whipped around in ways they usually weren't so many were weakened. But at least the storm is pretty much past and crews are getting out now. But there is about a 25 mph wind limitation for the crews with "cherry picker" trucks and we are still having gusts up to that speed.

I awoke to the sound of a large engine running this morning at 7:30. Had a feeling what it was and sure enough the sound of limbs being ground up was heard shortly. I could just see down the road a couple of trucks so a tree must have fallen down blocking the road. We've all been pretty much told to stay off the roads which are pretty messy with tree remnants and flooding. Baltimore City has a "car curfew" until 12:00 noon. The very long and large Bay Bridge which spans the Chesapeake Bay is still shut down ... probably awaiting a structural inspection. Those bridges are shutdown anyway when the wind gusts go over 50 miles per hour. Needless to say a lot of bridges were blocked off yesterday. Local Baltimore City clocked at least one gust up to 79 mph last night!

Got to admit that am I feeling pretty relieved this morning. One side of the yard is just pasted with saturated Fall leaves mainly from my neighor's big trees. Looks very orange and yellow. There are some smaller branches on the ground but nothing major. I've pretty much decided that the one old tree in my yard needs to be taken down soon. Too much worrying over whether it would make it thru this storm or not. Sure don't need that grief again!

Been watching the news this morning and things are such a mess. Ocean City, NJ which is a very popular vacation area for people around here sure got flooded and wind whipped. I've known a few people who have vacation houses over there. Wonder how their properties are doing. Poor New York City sure got abused. But I got a kick out of the excerpts from the David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon shows though on the morning news. Both played to empty audiences and were having a bit of fun with the situations. I'm sure some tourists were very unhappy with that though because it takes about a year to get reservations for those shows. But then a lot of people have been unhappy lately. Especially the owners of the 50 houses (in New York?) that caught fire last night. That was some pretty amazing footage watching those flames being whipped by hurricane force winds. The poor 250+ fire fighters were having trouble getting to the houses because of the flooding. There was such irony in that with all the rain, winds, and flooding, fire caused a lot of damage too.

Well, I am certainly breathing a lot easier now. It was kind of sad that I took all those extra precautions for nothing. But it sure made me feel a lot better during the storm that I had. And it certainly got me off my procrastinating tush to get my fireplace finally lit. :)

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