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spelling by Julie V
Well, I was going to try the secret filter bypass word, but I don't know how to spell it and Ma isn't handy to ask, so, maybe next time. Thought I would check in and let everyone know that Ma is having a pacemaker installed Wednesday (she has to vote first--priorities!) Should be a simple procedure even though they will keep her overnight at hospital in Fayetteville. And hopefully, it will help improve her stamina and wind (the lung kind)and just maybe a few other things as well.

We have had a couple of recent engagements in the family! Thomas and Erica are planning a wedding for May 11, 2012 here in Eureka Springs so save the date! And Nick and Brittany just got engaged and are talking about a fall wedding but probably in Michigan where her family is.

Not much new with John Wesley, he is enjoying cool weather and is waiting for a pair of running shoes that we mailed to him recently. He is busy as usual with Chinese and other classes and sends his love to everyone.


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