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Aunt Sybil by Leah Jean
Wow, Julie,

I sure hope Sybil does better with the pacemaker. I always think of her as such a "mover and shaker" with an adventurous love of life. But then a lot of the people in this extended family are exceptional people who do wild and crazy things.

Anyway, give your mother my love. I'd write longer but I've got construction people coming to work on the house for the next 3 days and I still have more furniture and things to move around and cover up. Plus we've got a possibly nasty Nor-easter (or however they spell it) coming tmrw night with colder temps. And this after Hurricane Sandy? Well, at least we almost caught up on our rain deficit when Sandy dumped 5-6 inches in my area of the state. But now a guy at work is referring to the coming storm as the "s word" ... snow.

At least I have plenty of batteries, water, etc. already. ;) Probably have to turn off the pilot light in the fireplace though because one guy is retiling around the front of it. Hope I don't need it for this storm.

Ya'll take care!


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