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Sybil by Janell Rose
Our thougths and prayers will be with Sybil tomorrow as she receives her pacemaker. We so enjoyed our long conversation with her last week and hope she was less anxious after talking with JR. He has done well with his pacemaker and has had about 14 months. He was in and out of surgery in an about an hour (little longer with recovery) and spent one night in the hospital as well. He has been much more stable in the past year and we pray that Sybil will have the same results. Thinking of all your family Julie and yes WOW - how exciting to have two weddings in the near future.

We have been glued to the TV for the last couple hours - JR finally got up and said going to take a bath and go to bed. Election still too close to call and he is tired of politics. He turned the TV off - but I turned back on in the background and thought would come check the computer.

We are having such beautiful days - temperatures are perfect and we have not turned on any heat as yet. One thing we are missing though are fall colours. Lot of green trees as yet and with our dry summer, may not have much colour. Earnestine Ballentine wrote in the AR newspaper (Russ & Carolyn are sending JR) that AR has had beautiful colours - we would have liked to come see the leaves turning this Fall but just not up to that drive this year. We will save the trip for a May trip to AR hopefully. Blessings to Sybil and Family - we will be watching for a report on Sybil, she will be much in our thoughts tomorrow. Love to all this family. JR and Janell


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