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Grapevine Christmas Capital by Janell Rose
Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas Holiday Season to this Dear Family. I wish all of you could come walk Grapevine Main Street (between the Railroad Track and the end of Main) with us and listen to the beautiful music. Truly a blessing to calm the nerves during this wonderful season.

I worked at the mall 6 hrs. Sunday afternoon and came home really dragging. So many people were in Grapevine, I had to park over two blocks from our mall store. After being on that concrete floor - walking front to back of the store continually, I was really ready to collapse when I got to our van after work. My right knee was giving way on me and slipping when I got out of the van at home. (I told JR - not cooking tonight - we went to Chipotle and had tacos.)

We were so busy at the mall Sunday - constant flow of people. The Temp was 81 on Dec. 2nd. (Where is our Fall?) People were strolling the street everywhere like it was a country fair. There were two big Orange Kobato Tractors pulling Flat Bed Trailers with 10 benches on each flat bed. They were loading and unloading people constantly. Mimes were up and down the street - plus all the Christmas Carolers dressed in vintage costumes. As much as I was hurting when I started my trek to the car and home - I still enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere. It was close to dusk by the time I got to the van - all the Christmas lights were on and I just had to drive down main street before heading home. There were over 550,000 lights over Thanksgivng weekend - since Thanksgiving the remainder of lights have been hung. Main Street will close Thursday night for the "Trail of Lights" parade at 7:00 P.M. If you are anywhere close - I would encourage you to go to Grapevine sometime before New Years. The Tree at the Gazebo (in center of town) is huge (as tall as the buildings) it has a constant light show going on all up and down the tree - the gated area around the gazebo and the gazebo itself - sll Synch. with Music. More lights have been installed around the Gazebo square since Thanksgiving. With it being so warm - the mall doors were open with music drifting in the store. Made the working hours pass very quickly.

Paul is gone the entire week - left early Monday Morn - meetings in 3 states and back late Friday night. Talked to Eileen last night - she is working late at school and has a late meeting Wed. Since, she has the week alone - she is going to do some shopping at Southlake on Thursday evening and go by Grapevine all by herself to see the parade and lights. IF it were not for the drive back to Irving in all the traffic - would like for JR and I to go as well - but he is not interested in getting in the traffic as it is drawing the crowds. Also, have advertised special Holiday Events at Grapevine Mills with the Aquarium and LegoLand. Grapevine is advertising they are the Christmas Capital of Texas and I think they are getting close to making the title authentic. The title used to be claimed by Galveston on the Strand before the Hurricane.

Because of not working my day in November - I have to work again on the 16th. Maybe can persuade JR to go with me that afternoon and us spend a little time later in the evening to enjoy the lights and activities which will be in full swing the week before Christmas. He is a Scrouge - so maybe not- he is happy just driving around the block.

Blessings to all this beautiful family. Love you all so much. JR and Janell


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