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OH, IT'S 2005?????? by Sandra Deming
Posted by Sandra ( on January 03, 2005 at 18:13:58:

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I had hardly noticed! Gee, is that what it takes for someone not so frequently heard from to post here?? I LIKE IT!!!! No, I LOVE IT!!!

What weird weather we have had. We even had our air conditioner in for two days because of the heat and humidity. Couldn't imagine having the AC on the first of January, but it sure made life more pleasant. "Rain to Ice" expected Wednesday, so we're returning to normal.

We finally had a very nice Christmas. Stacia and Todd were in California with Todd's folks for Christmas, so we delayed our "get-together" until New Year's. It seemed to take a looonnnngggg time! Christmas Day felt like an "end of the world" day and Jim and I the only people left. Our favorite Chinese restaurant was open in Tulsa, so we joined the other "loners" there for a late lunch. Later, after James and Courtney had finished Christmas with her folks, we met up and went to a movie together. Did not seem like Christmas at all, and the delay has kept me so busy I didn't have time to contemplate the possibilities of making resolutions, so I guess that means I don't have to suffer guilt for not following through.

Yes, ditto to what Julie said - Hank and Judy, you are the greatest! It was such fun being with you, Sybil, Henry and the Van Woys! As you could tell, I simply HATED to leave! After that conversation, I'm on the search for a Maureen Dowd tee-shirt. I definitely think Sybil needs one. Can't you just see her wearing an "I Love Maureen Dowd" shirt? I have a tendency to think there are lots of people in Eureka Springs who would ask "who's that?" she would be safe.
Oh, I jest, but I'm still gagging!! :)

Leah, I hope all you hauled in your little red wagon was "stuff". Sure the "son" isn't living in your garage? You're going to have to tell us the ending to this story! You are a nice neighbor.

John Wesley, love to hear from you and Nick. Just do it more often, pleaseeeeee! :)

Well, I'm behind three days already this year, so I'm going to start pedaling. Hope all of you have a beautiful year with an abundance of all the good things that money can't buy! Be rich counting your blessings!

So much love to all of you,


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