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Great Visit by Janell Rose
Julie, we had a great visit with Sybil today - sorry, we missed her Birthday - I have been having about 6 weeks of computer problems. Had to take back HP Pavilion got end of Dec. System had Windows 8 and would not let Microsoft UP Loads come through. Spent over 15 hours with HP Tech taking over the system (3 different times) and was finally told to return the computer. Then had to wait for iMac to be shipped. I would never have purchased this iMac if not for Paul and my Brother. Going to take some getting used to. Still have Apps. etc. to get loaded - Paul and Eileen are supposed to come over this weekend and HELP. HA. Pray all this family is doing well. Since I have been off the computer I don't know anything that has been going on. Love, JR and Janell


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