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Hi all, It appears there is an issue with the message board, I have contacted our programmer to see if he can fix. A couple pointers on the message board once it's fixed. 1.) You must post a subject - No subject, and it posts your name, but does not allow the message to be readable. This requires me to look up the password in my file cabinet, login to the server and put a subject in for you. :-) 2.) Filter bypass - It is the first name of my Grandfather. My Mom Sandra's dad. The J in J.W. Rose. If you don't know how to spell it, call me at 918-520-4970 and I will tell you. This turns off the filter and allows you to post whatever you want. 3.) Long messages - you must stay on the submission page to finish your message and submit. If you hit the "back" button on your browser, your message will be lost. My mouse is sensitive, and I have been known myself to accidentally delete my own message. One tip here would be to write your note in word, or on notepad and then when done, copy and paste into rosenose to submit. Hope these help. Sorry you are having trouble Janell, I'll see what I can do to resolve. As a last resort you can e-mail me the message and I will post for you. Love you all! James


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