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Junior Surgery by Janell
I have been trying to post on family website and not working - since a lot of family on Facebook - letting you know JR and I are going to be so sorry to miss the Wedding, Grad. Party and Family Reunion in AR. JR had Pre-Op appointment yesterday and we have about 10 - 15 days to wait for insurance approval. He will be having vein surgery on both legs in April & May. His doctor said the surgeries would be 15 to 20 days apart - up to a month depending on how he does. Will not be able to travel by car or plane - so we will be home thinking about the wonderful time all the family will have. Carolyn's family has not been home since Christmas/New Years (they live too far away for frequent trips) so they will be coming to our house over that Mother's Day weekend - everyone will be here but Jaclyn who will still be in New York until end of July. We are ready for her to come back to TX. Julie, where is the Registration for the wedding. Love to All, JR and Janell


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