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John Wesley by Margaret Downs
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you all know that I saw Dad today at the jail for the first visit of the summer. He looked great. He has lost weight since last year and looks really healthy. He was also in great spirits as always. I was able to tell him all about the wedding and what a spectacle we made on the dance floor! I think he was really proud that there was such a positive family presence there for Tom on his big day and Dad had a good laugh when I told him about Granny and Aunt Judy dancing. I plan to print out some pictures of the night to take to him this week.

He is as much of a character as always and shared some ridiculous jail-house stories with me. One of which I posted on Facebook, but I figured I would post it here for those who do not have F.B.

Story- Dad asked me to call him at the jail and when I get him on the phone he is only half paying attention. Then I hear whispering in the background and Dad says "Oh yes that is very nice... good quality... hmm... I will give you 30 riyals my friend." (about $10) Then he proudly announces to me that he just bought a really nice piece of wire to improve his homemade radio antenna. He says that sometimes other prisoners will rip wire out of the walls just to sell it to fellow inmates, and once they unknowingly ripped out the fiber-optic cables and disabled the prison security cameras! He said the wire bandits were running down the hall and the guards came running right after them.

What a guy haha. I am sure some of you remember Dad tinkering with homemade radios when he was young, he said he learned to build them ages ago. Sounds like that skill has really served him well while locked up. Anyway, just wanted to share a cute story and send all his love to all of you guys. Hope all is well back home and cannot wait to see you all soon! Ill post again soon if I hear any other good stories.




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