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No longer singing the cable TV blues by Leah Jean
I had been in contact with Jim Deming about TV reception options in Broken Arrow. He said our options were limited so I went out searching for other ideas. Here is what I found and sent him. So if any of you are interested in ditching cable TV ....


You wanted me to contact you about my success in going non-cable? Well, my mind has been blown! I am going to sound like a commercial but here it goes.

First, I went to a web site called It is pretty cool because you can use their TV signal analysis tool to show what channels are in the neighborhood of your zip code. While exploring this site I noticed it had a block stating something about the highest rated indoor HDTV antenna. So I thought what the heck, and clicked the box to checked it out. The antenna being sold (on-line store Mohu) looked interesting so I ordered The Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna for $40

[Specifically "" ... but you may find a better deal somewhere else.]

Well, the antenna only took 6 days to arrive with "free shipping" and it was really easy to set up. It is amazing because it is very flat and you can just stick it up on the wall. [The higher the better.] You do not need to adjust anything to pick up different networks. I just plugged the antenna cable into the socket and got my TV to do a search under the "antenna" setting and it brought back over 40 networks! Of course, not all of the networks came in clear and there were at least 5 Spanish speaking networks but several of the networks came in beautifully! [Unfortunately it also picks up some of the shopping channels.] ;) I know that FOX and possibly NBC (the Ellen Degeneres Show was on) came in crystal clear on my larger HD TV set. So I would imagine all the major networks will be really good. I think that I got about 3 PBS stations that came in nicely also ... at least 1 was crystal. Of course, some networks looked a little funky, but that is probably a matter of distance and the type of signal.

The only problem now is that I will have to figure out what networks map to what channels on my TV. Again I may be able to use the web site to figure that out. :)

Having fun,


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