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Getting off LinkedIn by Leah Jean
Hey Pat,

[If you still ever ck Rosenose] Did you once ask about how to remove yourself from the LinkedIn site? Well, I finally got around to doing it and here is some instructions.

Get to the "Privacy and Settings" page. If you can not find how to do that, the following 4 steps is the long way I took:
1. Select the "Help Forum" in the menu along the top.
2. In right column under "Help Forum Overview" select "Help Forum Guidelines".
3. In right column again under "Related Answers" select "Closing Your Account".
4. Select hypertext or linked text "Privacy and Settings"

In "Privacy and Settings" section:
"Close your account"
You will have to sign in again.
Then go thru the questions and answers and they will finally let you close the account.

They do not make it easy.



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