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Snow and other "stuff" by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on January 03, 2005 at 18:59:06:

Yes, Janell, it sounds like you were in San Antonio about the same time I was. Not at all surprised to hear that your coworker had never seen snow before. She must have really enjoyed it. At least we got enough snow in Oklahoma while growing up to know what it was. But it was rare that we got to have a good snowball fight or build a snowman. ;-) And snow usually melted by the next day. But then after living in Germany and up here in Maryland, I've lived thru a couple of doozies of snowfalls to last me for awhile! I can certainly go without any big ones this year. Plus my poor plants have suffered enough from the *@#$!% cicadas!

Yes, Sandra, I don't think there were any "bodies" in the "stuff" we moved into our garage. All the "stuff" came in one of those rather large plastic carriers that gets strapped onto the top of a car. And as I said, it wasn't light. But to tell the truth, I'm not in the least tempted to open the container and see what is in it. I'm afraid there will be fleas or something smelly and nasty in it! Daryl is just worried that the neighbor's son will come over to our house or try to get in. I don't think the guy knows that some of his stuff is in our garage ... and I'm sure not going to advertise it!

Hangin' tough,


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