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D.C. perk by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on January 12, 2005 at 20:47:11:

I just heard something that I thought was rather interesting. If you are a government employee and work in the D.C. area you actually get an extra holiday ... Inauguration Day! All Federal employees are requested to take the day off. But those who can't get double time. I guess this is to keep traffic to a minimum and security at a maximum while all the bigwigs are in town for the parties.

Oh, and the saga of the Laurange door still continues. There was a mixup between the door company we ordered thru and one of their custom builders up in Canada. When the installers came to our house, one of the guys had to point something out to me because he thought it was rather strange. The new door and the 2 side window panels apparently were fine, all with nice stained glass windows. But the transom (window that goes across the top of the door and the side window panels) was just a piece of clear glass. Sigh. He was figured right because the transom was supposed to be a custom window to match the other pieces. So I said that I didn't just want a partial installation and the poor guys left. Got a call later that day from a guy at the door company who was extremely apologetic but said there was a "comedy of errors" between him and the Canadian company. For some strange reason the company up in Canada knew they had a transom to do, did the other parts and not the transom, and sent the other parts back down here. And they didn't bother to call and inform anybody down here of the oversight. [By the way, the company down here has to order from either companies in Mexico or Canada because the U.S. won't let them manufacture such things in the U.S. This guy told me it is because of the fumes produced. Probably had something to do with copper since I know it can't be manufactured in the U.S. anymore.]

So we are again waiting for something to come in for the front doors replacement. Sigh again. Is it possible that the Lauranges are branching out from being known locally at Home Depot for having extremely bad luck to internationally well known in Canada? Such a reputation we have. I hope this isn't an omen for the rest of 2005. Sniff.

And, no, Sandra, the "stuff" is still in the garage ... unmoved, untouched, and extremely unloved. ;-)



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