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Continued clarification on Canadian customization by Leah Laurange
Posted by Leah Laurange ( on January 14, 2005 at 18:48:07:

And I ain't talking importation taxes either.

Actually I was talking to Mark the guy who has been doing custom stained glass windows (a.k.a. art glass) for me for awhile now. He's slower than dirt ... but I really don't care too much in his case because these are strictly decorative. Mark is the lousiest judge of work schedules but does good work. I was stopping by to check on a window I had ordered late last summer and he's just getting started on (told you he was slow) and we had to discuss the door situation. [Actually he'd been kind of hoping to do the windows in the custom door set himself, but I knew he'd probably take a year to get them done. And you can get awfully nice art glass ordered along with a custom door set anyway]. He said that the reason people have to order such items outside of the U.S. is because of the type of glass used. Can't remember exactly what he said but U.S. building standards require a special type of glass used around a door (reinforced?), and apparently when you sandwich a stain glass window in between 2 other pieces of glass, it has to be that type of glass? Or something like that. [No wonder these stinking doors aren't cheap.]

But then Mark told me not to feel so bad about the Laurange door situation because he told a few other good stories about things going wrong. He said that another couple had ordered from Mexico a door with sandwiched art glass, only to find that both side windows had scratches on the art glass! Of course you couldn't repair it because it was completely enclosed. They, of course, returned them for replacement. Bet that added at least another month onto that door order. And another couple which had a $2 million house built had to put plywood and a temporary door in their front for about a month because of screw-ups with their order. But then the big dummies didn't get around to approving a door design until 3 weeks before it was due even though Mark and another guy kept proding them! Ha, ha, ha, ha ....! Don't ever expect something like a custom door set with custom stained glass to be done in 3 weeks! Because the design has to be figured out, amount of glass needed has to be calculated, the different glasses ordered, the rather large panes of art glass have to be constructed, and then those have to be put into a door frame at probably a different location. But then Mark said that people have no sense of how long it takes to put something like art glass together. They will come into his shop a few weeks before Christmas and try to place orders. No way, Jose!

And some of the other tales Mark tells me are also kind of amusing. He told me of some rich people who are building a small church. And they are having stained glass windows done with their facial images on the angels, etc. Hmmmm. Mark says that he had to find another artist who is willing to paint their features onto the pieces of glass because it is very difficult to make art glass that detailed. Guess these people have a lot of money. :-)

So when you go by a someone's house and they have a really neat custom looking door or window, realize that they may have gone thru a lot to get those turkeys done! But then it is really worth it when it comes out right. And speaking of, that's why Mark is redoing one window for me. I really didn't like the way it turned out so I'm having Mark redo it.

With Daryl, he spends money on his hobbies. Me? I like to do crazy decoration thingees. So he can't bitch at the way I spend ... and and sometimes respend my money. :-)

Hey, whatever makes you happy.



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