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RoseNose by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on January 16, 2005 at 23:27:18:

James, Thank You for all your time and effort on this site. Much appreciated - I wish we would see more use - I look every day. Someone - from Oklahoma left the door open, your weather has come this way. Gee, It is cold - with this wind - chill blows right through you. If it is going to be this cold - I would like to see some snow. I do enjoy snow once in a while when don't have to get out in it and the only trip I have planned before Tue. is to take Andy to the vet late Mon. afternoon for his "booster shots." Forgot what it was like to have a child!

Not much to write here - we are just busy. I'm still trying to empty rooms of boxes and getting close. Worked most of the afternoon and Jr. watched Football. He does not spend a lot of time watching football through the season but gets interested before the Super Bowl. We went to see Caty's first "Road" game Friday night - was one fast basketball game. Her team won - started out strong - got 10 - 12 points behind about half time, but came back strong in the last quarter. It was fun seeing her play. Afterwards the Team went out to eat - this seems to be the practice after a game. Can not believe I am "looking up this this young lady." Jr has been working on his tools in the garage, it is insulated and he has a stove - leaves the door to garage open to the Den Hallway most of the time - till he gets tired of Andy picking up every tool he lays down - then he boots him out and shuts the door.
Talked with Carolyn yest. morn. John's Mother passed away Friday night. So glad he went to be with her for a week before Christmas.
Just saying "Hello," Stay Warm. Jr. and Janell


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