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Letters by Janell Rose
Just a note - going to be really brief, I am trying to get letters typed and off to Sybil tonight as we are leaving for OK again tomorrow. I typed Sybil's letter and ran it through spell check - it kept correcting some words - so I went to Wikipedia for info. It was correcting "Emir" and "Amir" I found Emir is the English and Amir is Arabic. So, think I will go with the Arabic. Then I put in question who is Emir of Qatar because it was correcting me on that name also. Wikipedia gives this info on the Emir "Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani" Emir from 1995 - present. Please understand, I am not trying to correct Sybil's form letter. It is just I typed and ran through Spell Check and it kept giving me other spelling. JR and I are leaving in the morn. and be gone a few days. I wanted to get this letter typed to Eileen and Carolyn and Emailed to them tonight and also a letter from JR and I in the mail tomorrow since we will be trying to take care of the situation at Tahlequah. Pray all have a good day. Janell


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