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The winter blues by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on January 26, 2005 at 20:18:00:

I am singing the winter blues lately. Someone had to catch the flu around here ... and sure enough ... Daryl got it. And it was a good one too because his temp went up to 103.5! And man, was he miserable again. Okay, in the last month and a half he has had a pretty bad cold that killed one weekend for him. Then the next weekend he got that bad case of food poisoning. And about 3-4 weekends later he has a bad case of flu and was pretty much down for 4 days! At least he managed to go back to work on Monday. This has not been a good winter for him.

And to top it all off he got the flu the Wed. before the weekend we were supposed to get the "big snow" (started Friday during the day). Fortunately our big snow only came out to about 5 inches. But that's enough to make traffic around here a real mess. I drove home after work about 2:30 and passed a lot of the time in 2nd and 3rd gear on the highways. At least I never had to really come to a standstill. But it did take about an hour to get home as opposed to the usual 35 minutes. But I felt sorry for anybody coming home later than me in the heavier rush-hour traffic! The big problem with Daryl being sick was that I had to pretty much do most of the snow shoveling and snow blowing off our driveway and sidewalks. At least Daryl managed to get up long enough to start the snow blower for me and do a little shoveling. But he had a pretty bad headache from the sinus problems and fever/chills he'd been going thru the past few days so I told him to go back inside. Anyway, the snow blower worked great! But it was rather windy and I had to keep trying not to cover the neighbor with snow who was out working on her driveway. I did manage to cover myself a few times pretty good. Now I know what it is like to be out in a blizzard. ;-) Snow blowers are neat tools but they are a bit of a pain to maneuver with strong winds around.

Unfortunately, we were having all that warmer weather and periodic rains. Now we are in the dern cold and winter weather precipitation period. Fortunately the other snows have been just light dusters. But the local country club left their fountain on again thru a really cold night so we have another one of those interesting ice sculptures from the ice forming around the sprayers. I will really have to try and get a picture of this one. I have to wonder why they keep leaving the fountain on when it is really cold. But it is rather entertaining. :-)

Trying to stay warm!


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