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Summer time by Leah Jean
Guess I've kind of gotten into the summer time blahs lately. In otherwords, I'm just feeling lazy and haven't felt like writing much.

Did have a nice little vacation up into New York state to visit with Daryl's family. It was his father's 80th birthday so they had a small cookout. [They live in a small town outside of Albany.] The weather turned just warm enough to take off my jacket. Yes, a bit of a cold spell hit New York while we were running around up there. It was also hitting Maryland, but not quite so cool. On Saturday we were kind of up in the mountains and the high for that day was 62! Fortunately Daryl had checked the weather before leaving so we knew to take some heavier clothes. Daryl had also mananged to find a golf tournament to play in that was about a 5 hour drive from his parent's house. So we left real early in the morning for that. While he was doing that I went shopping in a descent sized mall in the college town of Cornell Univ. I actually enjoyed myself a bit since I had plenty of time. Also saw a movie. Golf tournaments can take about 6 hours.

Sunday we traveled over to his parent's place and spent half a day there at the cookout. It was kind of fun because the weather was perfect and we actually played Bingo. And I won one! Okay, the prize wasn't anything to write home about ... but that thrill of being able to shout "Bingo!" out loud made it all fun. [And to hear the groans of everybody else who were also waiting for that one last elusive space. Snicker.] It was cute. We had some pretty old Bingo sharks in the group who knew a lot of the old jokes to crack during a game. We had fun. The food was pretty descent. Unfortunately Daryl's brother was in charge of the grilling and he let the sausages cook waaaaaaay too long! They were a running joke at our end of the table during dinner. [The brother was down at that end of the table.] ;-)

We drove up to Lake George to our reserved hotel later that night. It was an grand old hotel that had been upgraded some. It was pretty neat. The rooms were a little bigger than normal and the ceiling were quite high.

Monday we wemt driving around the lake and figuring out what we wanted to do. It was a beautiful area but touristy. Lake George is supposed to be one of the top vacation spots in the U.S. It is a large lake nestled down between fairly tall mountains. Some of the houses along the lake were or have been owned by famous people. Some of the houses themselves were quite beautiful. A lot of the boat houses mimiced the material the houses were built with so they looked like miniature houses. And some were really elaborate. We took a boat tour around the major part of the lake so we got a kind of guided tour of a lot of those houses. Unfortunately, the boat we took was a working steam boat with tall steam stacks with very loud horns. We sat on the very top deck right behind those turkeys. When the horns went off, not only were they loud but you also got slightly coated with little droplets of water. Ugh! The boat also had an old steam calliopy (spelling) that played old river boat songs. It was cute at first. But after awhile some of the higher pitched and sometimes off-key notes started really getting on my nerves. Fortunately they only played that thing to attract customers while docked. Whew!

Daryl and I have just about given up though trying to find good places to eat out when on vacation. Face it, tourist traps know that you are probably only going to eat there once or maybe even twice and then be gone. Or maybe Daryl and I are just too picky anymore. Sigh. But most of the fun was in the hunt. Trying to find recommended restaurants to only find them closed. Trying to find a parking place along the main drag while fighting rush hour traffic. Eating on a balcony that looks down on a busy sidewalk so you can laugh at the other people below going thru the same hastles as you were just a little while ago.

Well, it's getting late and time to get ready for bed.

Love to all!


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