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Posted by James Deming ( on January 30, 2005 at 19:08:58:

Hello Dear Family,

Thought I'd stop in and say hi - I have been really busy lately with some other web projects and haven't had any time to work on rosenose. Hopefully I can get in more of a routine and spend a couple hours a month jazzing the site up here in the future.

I have been really busy lately with work and my evening projects. For those of you that don't know, I work for Metlife in Tulsa. My job is to give advice and service to agents in the field, helping them invest money, make changes on accounts, and open new ones.

In the evening I have been working on a web project called It is a community site for the city of Pryor, OK that a partner and I started - up until now it has been a lot of work for no money, but it still remains fun to work on, and has hope of becoming a small money maker. We of course have grandious plans to become mega billionaires in the dot-com world, but I'm working at Met like it will be the last job I ever have (they have a good Pension, Health Benefits, & 401k that just doesn't have).

Other than that I've been helping Courtney fix up her house little by little ( most of my time is spent working on the backyard which was all Dirt when I started), and enjoying my photo hobby when I get a chance.

Mom, Dad, Stacia, Tood, Courtney and I went to the Rodeo in Tulsa last night and had a pretty good time. It was somewhat of a small rodeo, but was enjoyable just the same - I can't remember the last time I went to the Rodeo.

As far as rosenose - I have been contemplating changing the photo gallery to a more advanced system called Coppermine - The program would allow those that wanted to add their own pictures to rosenose the ability to do so. I still think it would be as easy to use for those technophobes out there as the current gallery. Would anyone be interested in uploading family pictures to rosenose if I set it up? There is of course no obligation to do so.

Anyway - Stacia and Todd are coming for dinner and I better get it started! :-)

Love you all, and hope to hear from you soon!

James W. Deming


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