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Family get-together? by Leah Jean
Uh, nope. I don't remember anything about a family get-together. But then I've been a little distracted lately.

Had to put my one cat Blitz to sleep last week. It was one of the worst things I've ever had to do. Blitz probably had cancer, maybe even bone marrow cancer, a heart murmur, and her one kidney was not looking so good either. [Dr's accessment of an Xray along with other symptoms.] She was extremely anemic, had pretty much stopped eating, and was slowly starving to death. Daryl was really cool about it and volunteered to go with me to the vet's. Poor guy. He even said something about trying to be the strong one. He didn't stand a chance with me getting all emotional. But I had a good vet and she and her staff handled the situation very professionally and supportively.

Most of the people I work with are really cool about such situations too. And it seems like we do some things in "groups". Like this was the Year of the Baby. Would you believe 5 guys in our small group had wives that gave birth since the beginning of the year! Talk about shelling out money for baby showers. [We've also had a bunch of guys dragging around tireder than dirt.] Talk about your new baby jokes ... "Life as you know it will soon end!" ... flying all over the place. When I got back to work I found out that a co-worker's cat had died the week before (he said he even cried). And another fellow worker was all upset because she didn't want to put down her old cat of 18 years which was ailing. Sigh. We definitely believe in the saying that "misery loves company".

Promise that I will have something not so sad to talk about next time.



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